Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The institution(s) can apply for an exemption under the distance education - no physical presence exemption. Here is the link to the information on the Illinois Board of Higher Education website.

If you believe that your institution(s) meets the exemption criteria, please fill out the Distance Education Programs-Online Request Form and submit a signed copy to the IBHE. Staff will send a letter in response.


  1. In the exemption section of their document it states that institutions applying for exemption will be reviewed on several criteria associated with 'limited presence'. Among them is the following "(c)....evidence that the institution is offering degrees through one hundred percent asynchronous versus synchronous on-line instruction from an out-of-state site or sites". As a number of courses utilize Wimba for sychnronous classroom experiences, how do you interpret this requirement? Most courses aren't 100% synchronous or 100% asynchronous.

  2. We went ahead and completed the Illinois form. The form itself asks for accreditation, complaint contacts, and whether or not you are offering academic support services. Hopefully, the response will be positive from this form. Has anyone else completed the Illinois form and gotten a response? Melanie