Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In Nebraska, you do not need approval to offer courses or programs that are entirely online with no physical presence in the state (defined as offering courses for college credit on an established schedule at locations other than the personal residence of individual students). If you would like to send me, Kathleen Fimple, a letter or email outlining the nature of your distance offerings in Nebraska or stating that you have no physical presence, I will reply with an email letter stating that you don’t need approval. We’ve developed a semi-form letter (it will state the name of your institution and address) to accommodate the new Title IV regulations and provide institutions a document for their files. The letter states that there is legislation pending, but in its current form it would not require you to apply.

If you state that none of your 35 institutions has a physical presence, we can provide a single letter covering the University System of Georgia.

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