Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Texas is currently in the process of finalizing its response to the new federal guidelines. At this time we are requesting that institutions send a formal inquiry detailing their accreditation status, applicable degree programs, and a statement indicating whether or not the programs are completely online, contain some in-state instruction/practicum/internship, and whether or not the institution has a physical presence or agent located or planned for Texas.
Letters may be sent to:
Van L. Davis, Ph.D.
Special Projects Director, Academic Programs

We will be contacting institutions in mid- to late- March regarding the finalized policy.


  1. Do we know anything more about Texas? The communication indicates that they will be contacting institutions in mid to late March regarding the finalized policy.

  2. Since Texas is an SREB state, VSU intends to send the recommended letter of inquiry with reference to the SREB Free Trade Zone.

    The regulatory agency for Texas is the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

    Their website on Distance Education is at http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/index.cfm?objectid=B9959530-E985-8C9F-3867A0F4CB0234B7

    They have added this statement to their website under CRITICAL ISSUES:

    "For non-Texas institutions wishing to offer distance education courses and programs, please contact Dr. Van L. Davis, van.davis@thecb.state.tx.us, for more information. Please be aware that there is currently legislation pending in the Texas legislature that could impact Coordinating Board policies. We anticipate that our rules and policies will change in November 2011. At this time we are accepting letters of inquiry and placing them on file for programs that are delivered fully on-line. For programs that incorporate a face-to-face presence in Texas, including clinicals, practica, internships, or externships, or for programs that employ an agent in Texas or have facilities in Texas, please contact Mr. Fred White, fred.white@thecb.state.tx.us."

    The specified contact for DE authorization, Van L. Davis, Ph.D, is on the staff at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. From the website, their address is:

    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
    Van L. Davis, Ph.D.
    Special Projects Director
    1200 E. Anderson Lane
    Austin, TX 78752
    P.O. Box 12788
    Austin, TX 78711-2788

    (512) 427-6223