Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dear Dr. Noble,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with my yesterday. I believe your idea to try to simplify this process for all of the institutions with the University System of Georgia is a great approach.

Vermont uses a definition of physical presence as the trigger that would require a postsecondary institution to go through our approval process. Physical presence is defined as any of the following within Vermont: classrooms, in-person seminars, administrative offices, delivery of direct services to students, or any physical gathering of students required as part of a course of study. Physical presence does not include an in-state practicum, internship, mentorship or teaching experience. We have adopted a practice and policy stating that advertising alone does not constitute a physical presence, and we do not intend to pursue review and approval of online schools marketing to Vermonters. Having faculty based in Vermont would only be a physical presence if they are meeting face to face with students.

I hope the above will be helpful to you as you review the 35 institutions included in the University System of Georgia. When you have the information on each of the institutions’ physical presence status please email me a list of all 35 schools with addresses, telephone numbers, and contact person for each. Also include the status of each of the school’s current and intended physical presence. I will then be able to generate individual letters based on each school’s specific circumstances.

Please feel free to keep my email handy in case a school has any question on the above definition.

Best Regards,

Cassandra Ryan

Cassandra Ryan State of Vermont Department of Education 802-828-3144 tel 802-828-1631 fax

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