Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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Licensure is required for an out-of-state institution to operate or solicit in KY and offer online courses and programs to KY students. “Operating or soliciting” is defined in the licensing regulation 13 KAR 1:020 Section 1 (8):

(8) “Operating or soliciting” means having a physical presence within Kentucky and includes: (a) An instructional or administrative site within Kentucky whether owned, leased, rented, or provided without charge; (b) Instruction whether theory or clinical, originating from or delivered within Kentucky utilizing teachers, trainers, counselors, advisors, sponsors, or mentors; (c) An agent, recruiter, in-state liaison personnel, institution, or business located in Kentucky that advises, promotes, or solicits for enrollment, credit, or award of an educational or occupational credential; (d) An articulation agreement with a Kentucky licensed college or state-supported institution; or (e) Advertising, promotional material, or public solicitation in any form that targets Kentucky residents through distribution or advertising in the state. In response to your inquiry, out-of-state institutions are licensed separately per our licensing regulation. Specifically, per 13 KAR 1:020 Section 2 (2): “An out-of-state college shall be licensed separately for each instructional site in Kentucky. An out-of-state college that is operating or soliciting using on-line instruction to Kentucky residents shall be considered to have an online campus which shall be licensed separately as an instructional site.”

If an institution will not be engaging in any of the “operating or soliciting” activities above (a-e), then please certify that in a letter to my attention- Sarah Levy- for our review to determine if licensure is required or not.

If an institution does seek to operate or solicit in Kentucky and offer its online programs to KY students, then the institution should contact me- Sarah Levy -so we can go over some common questions we get about the application for licensure, before the institution submits the application.

Kentucky Application for Licensure


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