Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Louisiana Revised Statute 17:1808 (LRS 17:1808) requires all academic degree-granting institutions operating in the State of Louisiana to register with the Board of Regents and be licensed unless otherwise exempt. Exemption from licensure is restricted to those institutions named in law and religious institutions that grant religious degrees exclusively. The degrees must be religious in nature by title and content.

The Board of Regents has adopted rules and regulations for the administration of RS 17:1808. For institutions domiciled in Louisiana, the term operating applies to the offering of courses and programs through any modality. For institutions domiciled outside Louisiana, the term operate shall mean the offering of courses that are physically delivered in the state of Louisiana and/or require clinical experiences in the state of Louisiana.

The term clinical experiences shall mean site-based learning activities (e.g. clinical, internships, student teaching, practicum, field-based experiences, etc.) in settings (e.g. hospitals, schools, businesses, etc.) in which candidates are working with patients, children, teachers, principals, etc. in Louisiana and are observed/assisted/evaluated by supervisors, preceptors, coaches, teachers, principals, or other individuals to determine that course and program requirements have been addressed.

If it is determined licensure is necessary, information will be provided.

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